One of the fundamentally important characteristics our clients may rely on, are our several decades of experience in terms of production as well as marketing know how, this makes our company extremely agile  and flexible,  enabling us to adapt to special requests in terms of gauges as well as weights.

Thanks to our productive  capacities we are able to deliver thousands of pieces on a daily basis, thus reducing to a minimum traditional production lag time,  regardless of the ordered quantities.  Our vault is always well stocked with various types of  chains.

Filo Diametro
0,50 2,30
0,50 3,00
0,50 3,30
0,60 2,80
0,60 3,00
0,60 4,00
0,70 3,20
0,80 3,30
0,80 0,70
0,90 4,40
0,90 5,40

! Consult our table to find the best final link for you..!

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The possibility to have a 360° service from our side, continues also in the semi-finished products intended as spring rings, closures, stamped, terminals, components for earrings and a large assortment of round or oval final links with soldered wire or not. Consult our table to find the best final link for you..